Veer Aluminium

Custom Extrusion

We take pride in offering customized extrusion profiles and follow a highly professional approach to each project. Our team works closely with clients to understand their unique requirements and generate tailored solutions that meet their needs. The process for custom extrusion profiles includes:
Clients can provide a physical sample, prototype, or drawing of the profile they require. We use this to conduct a feasibility analysis and review commercial tolerances and specific product requirements.
We provide a detailed quotation for the tooling and extrusion supply, which is subject to approval by the client.
Following approval by the client, we manufacture the tooling based on the agreed-upon conditions between us and the client.
After tooling manufacturing, we extrude the profiles and create samples that we present to the client for their approval.
Prior to delivering the sample to the client, we conduct quality control tests to confirm that the product meets the agreed dimensions and standards.
Upon approval of the test profile by the customer, we proceed with mass production of the required aluminium profiles.
Finally, the customer approves the test profile, and we start with the mass production of aluminium profiles.
Our commitment to quality and attention to detail ensures that our customers receive high-quality customized profiles that meet their specifications and expectations.
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